BTS Congress 2017

13th International Aesthetic Medicine meeting in Stockholm June 1-3, 2017. The BTS – Beauty through Science – meeting has established itself a one...

Stockholm, Sweden 01.06.2017 - 03.06.2017

Rhinoplasty Istanbul Workshop

“Imagine all the people living in the world agree…”-, probably, this words from the well known song are explaining in the best way the soul (the...

Istanbul, Turkey 02.06.2017 - 04.06.2017

Congress Lugano 2017

Breast augmentation iplants and fat

Lugano, Italy 02.06.2017 - 03.06.2017

XI. mezinárodní kongres plastické chirurgie

Společnost plastické chirurgie ČLS JEP Klinika plastické a estetické chirurgie FN u sv. Anny LF Masarykovy univerzity Brno pořádají XI. mezinárodní...

(Brno) برنو, الجمهورية التشيكية 07.06.2017 - 09.06.2017

Lubelskie Forum Chirurgii Piersi

Tematy główny - Przeszczep tłuszczu w piersi i ADM (Acellular Dermal Matrix).

Lublin, Poland 09.06.2017 - 10.06.2017

F.A.C.E. 2 F@ce 2017

We are F.A.C.E. 2 F@ce - one of the largest events organized annually. Every year we are aiming to link you to the future.

Cannes, France 15.09.2017 - 16.09.2017

18. dermatologické sympozium - Jak léčím já

Vážené kolegyně a vážení kolegové, dovolte nám, abychom Vás co nejsrdečněji pozvali na 18. Dermatologické symposium – “Jak léčím já”. Těšíme se na...

(Ústí nad Labem) أوستي ناد لابيم, الجمهورية التشيكية 21.10.2017

30. Jahrestagung der GÄCD

Der Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Chirurgie Deutschland e.V. (GÄCD)

Köln, ألمانيا 17.11.2017 - 18.11.2017

45th Annual Conference of the DGPRÄC

Again, we would like to offer an exciting program to the varying participant groups specializing in the four pillars of plastic surgery.

München, ألمانيا 11.09.2014 - 13.09.2014

19. Jahrestagung der VDÄPC

Unser Ziel war es, für die an den verschiedenen Teilbereichen der Plastischen Chirurgie interessierten Kongressteilnehmer jeweils eine durchgehend...

München, ألمانيا 11.09.2014 - 13.09.2014

52nd Annual Conference of the ÖGPÄRC

Again, we would like to offer an exciting program to the varying participant groups specializing in the four pillars of plastic surgery.

München, ألمانيا 11.09.2014 - 13.09.2014

22nd Congress ISAPS 2014 - Rio de Janiero

It is a great honor to welcome you to Rio de Janeiro for the 22nd Biennial Congress to be held from the 19th to the 22nd of September, 2014.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 19.09.2014 - 22.09.2014

Národní kongres plastické chirurgie s mezinárodní účastí

9. - 11. října 2014 se v Českých Budějovicích (obchodně společenské centrum ARTIGY a Congress Hotel Clarion , Pražská ul. České Budějovice)...

(České Budějovice) بودوايس, الجمهورية التشيكية 09.10.2014 - 11.10.2014

CCR Expo

10 - 11 October 2014 - London Olympia Surgical and Non-Surgical. Two Worlds, One Event.

London, England 10.10.2014 - 11.10.2014

Closed vs Open Rhinoplasty

LIVE SURGERY | Similar cases solved with different approaches | The Big Challenge: a very special Rhinoplasty meeting.

Salò, Italy 10.10.2014 - 11.10.2014

Tenth Annual QMP Aesthetic Surgery Symposium

We are pleased to invite you to the Tenth Annual QMP Aesthetic Surgery Symposium. This year's meeting will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in...

Chicago, USA 06.11.2014 - 09.11.2014

IMCAS India 2014

The congress welcomes participants from all over the world coming every edition, to discover new international and local techniques. We strongly...

الهند 14.11.2014 - 16.11.2014

5th Bozner Symposium of Plastic Surgery

The world wide well renowned Bozner Symposium of Plastic Surgery will take place from 9th till 11th January 2015 again in Bozen (South Tyrol /...

Italy 09.01.2015 - 11.01.2015

IMCAS World Congress 2015

2015 will be celebrating IMCAS 17-year creation and its world congress in the dazzling city of Paris.

Paris, France 29.01.2015 - 01.02.2015