Hello,I want to ask how much is the cost of hair transplan...

Hello,I want to ask how much is the cost of hair transplan...

Jose  |  الزائر  |  Moravian-Silesia

I want to ask how much is the cost of hair transplant.

Thank you

Jose from Brno
Private Cevre Hospital  |  Basic member  |  Istanbul
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Dear Jose,

Greetings from Cevre Hospital Istanbul Turkey. I would like to give you a brief information about our hospital and hair Transplant.

As Cevre, We have a past & experiance of 30 years as one of the first private hospitals of Turkey which has ISO 9001 Certificate (International Standards Of Quality Certificate).
We are a Full Fledged Hospital hosting over 5000 patients a year from all around the world such as Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, UAE and as far as South Korea.

In Cevre hospital our specialists recommend and only perform FUE hair implant technique. This technique have been used for many years in hospitals and it’s the most chosen one nowadays. Taking from donor area (back of the neck, right and left side of the head) and put on the bald area of the head one by one with measured graphs.

Regularly our specialists do in an operation between XXXXXXXXX grafts (area covered by your hand from forehead to your uphead approximately), but if you need more, its possible if you have enough grafts. Unfortunately they can not do the hair transplant surgery without shaving your hair. They perform around 1900 operations per year.

Operations are performed under Op. Dr. Asu Deniz Burhanoglu’s (MD) supervision. An anesthesia doctor and 3-4 well experienced nurses assist for making the procedure fast. The operation takes 5-7 hours, 2nd day control consultation will be done by our specialists, 3rd day first washing, then you’ll have your lotion, shampoo and discharge. All process will be done like what I told you above.

Our treatment system is all included. That means your operation, 3 nights accommadation with 1 companion (meals included), medicines, controls, all needs for your hair (lotion and shampoo for ten days), control consultations, assistance and transfers (airport-hospital-airport) are in one price. The price is 1800 EUR. It's a package price and no hidden fees.

I need your pictures taken from front, sides, top and back of your neck to evaluate your condition. Please feel free to contact me from the mobile number below. Whatsapp Viber are available.


Murat Serbetci
International Patient Relations
Phone: +XXXXXXXXXXXX 25 / 162
Whatsapp: +XXXXXXXXXXXX 97
Skype: murat.cevre
Address: Cemal Sahir Sk No:2 Sisli Istanbul TURKEY 34347

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